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Latest genetic and genomic news, media resources, and information of broad interest to students and educators.

23andMe Tries to Woo the FDA

Description: The DNA testing firm hopes a more coöperative approach with regulators will get its business back on track

Adults Stop Anti-Rejection Drugs After Partial Stem-Cell Transplant Reverses Sickle Cell Disease

Description: National Institutes of Health trial success suggests a new treatment option for older, sicker patients

Bid to cure HIV ramps up

Description: Clinical trial will aim to replicate a therapy that cured an infant with HIV

Epigenetics - Looking Beyond Our DNA

Description: Explore how epigenetics can impact healthcare

Gene-Hunt Gain for Mental Health

Description: Flood of genetic locations linked to schizophrenia helps spark financial boost to research field, a Nature News article by Sara Reardon

Generating a genome to feed the world

Description: An international team of scientists led by the University of Arizona has sequenced the genome of African rice. The new information will enable scientists and agriculturalists to develop varieties of rice that can survive in a changing climate.

Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) Turns 6

Description: This May marks the sixth anniversary of the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act; a federal law to protect people from genetic discrimination

Genome: Unlocking Life's Code

Description: The exhibition Genome: Unlocking Life's Code opened at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Genomics and Health

Description: Links to genomics and health impact news and publications, as well as to CDC updates and news

Infographic - What Are We Learning from Epigenetics?

Description: An emerging field that could transform how we look at disease causes and prevention

Know Your Family History - Improve Your Health

Description: A video demonstration on how to use your family health history to assess your risks and identify ways to stay healthy

Nanopore DNA sequencing techniques

Description: Nanopore research continues to be a important focus of the National Institutes of Health

Navigating GeneEd Web site

Description: A video overview of GeneEd, including its potential use in the classroom and teacher testimonials

Navigating Genetics Education Resources from the National Library of Medicine

Description: A training video on using online genetics education resources from the National Library of Medicine in the classroom

NHGRI Newsroom

Description: A listing of the National Human Genome Research Institute's latest genomic news

Scientists Find the Shocking Truth About Electric Fish

Description: New research identifies the genetic factors electric fish use to create an organ that can deliver a jolt

Synthetic Biology Project: An Ecological Risk Research Agenda for Synthetic Biology

Description: The Wilson Center and the Program on Emerging Technologies at MIT released a report in hopes to raise awareness about the lack of research and prioritize research areas

Take the 'Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms' Mobile App With You

Description: Information on the release of the National Human Genome Research Institute's 'Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms' mobile app

Tweets of the Week

Description: Follow tweets written by Dr. Khoury, the director of the CDC's Office of Public Health Genomics

University of Colorado Study to See How Cancer-Killing Gene Works

Description: Scientists armed with a supercomputer and a vast trove of newly collected data on the body’s most potent “tumor suppressor” gene have created the best map yet of how the gene works

UT Arlington Nanoparticles Could Provide Easier Route for Cell Therapy

Description: Researchers may have a new and improved way to deliver drug and gene therapies, using nano- and laser technology