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Latest genetic and genomic news, media resources, and information of broad interest to students and educators.

'Smart Genes' Prove Elusive

Description: Study of more than 100,000 people finds three genetic variants for IQ — but their effects are maddeningly small.

A Single Cell Smashes and Rebuilds Its Own Genome

Description: Life can be so intricate and novel that even a single cell can pack a few surprises, according to a study led by Princeton University researchers.

Ebola Genomes Sequenced

Description: Responding rapidly to the deadly outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa, a team of researchers from the Broad Institute and Harvard University, working with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation and researchers elsewhere, has sequenced and analyzed many Ebola virus genomes. The researchers hope their results will speed up scientific understanding of the epidemic and assist global efforts to contain it.

Epigenetics - Looking Beyond Our DNA

Description: Explore how epigenetics can impact healthcare

Generating a Genome to Feed the World

Description: An international team of scientists led by the University of Arizona has sequenced the genome of African rice. The new information will enable scientists and agriculturalists to develop varieties of rice that can survive in a changing climate.

Genomics and Health

Description: Links to genomics and health impact news and publications, as well as to CDC updates and news

Infographic - What Are We Learning from Epigenetics?

Description: An emerging field that could transform how we look at disease causes and prevention

Know Your Family History - Improve Your Health

Description: A video demonstration on how to use your family health history to assess your risks and identify ways to stay healthy

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Description: November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Explore the National Diabetes Education Program Web site to learn how you can prevent type 2 diabetes.

Navigating GeneEd Web site

Description: A video overview of GeneEd, including its potential use in the classroom and teacher testimonials

Navigating Genetics Education Resources from the National Library of Medicine

Description: A training video on using online genetics education resources from the National Library of Medicine in the classroom

NHGRI Newsroom

Description: A listing of the National Human Genome Research Institute's latest genomic news

NIH Awards Millions for New DNA Sequencing Technique Research

Description: A number of micro-sized technologies - such as nanopores and microfluidics - are among the approaches researchers will use to develop high quality, low cost DNA sequencing technology.

Single Animal to Human Transmission Event Responsible for 2014 Ebola Outbreak

Description: NIH-funded scientist uses latest genomic technology to make discovery

Take the 'Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms' Mobile App With You

Description: Information on the release of the National Human Genome Research Institute's 'Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms' mobile app

Tricking Plants to See the Light May Control the Most Important Twitch on Earth

Description: Copious corn growing in tiny backyard plots? Roses blooming in December? Thanks to technology that the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Richard Vierstra has been developing for years, these things may soon be possible.

Tweets of the Week

Description: Follow tweets written by Dr. Khoury, the director of the CDC's Office of Public Health Genomics

UT Arlington Nanoparticles Could Provide Easier Route for Cell Therapy

Description: Researchers may have a new and improved way to deliver drug and gene therapies, using nano- and laser technology

Water 'Thermostat' Could Help Engineer Drought-Resistant Crops

Description: Researchers have identified a gene that could help engineer drought-resistant crops. It could make it easier to feed the world's growing population in the face of climate change.