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Latest genetic and genomic news, media resources, and information of broad interest to students and educators.


Description: Activities, games and more to commemorate National DNA Day, April 24th 2015

DNA Day Essay Contest

Description: Participate in the American Society of Human Genetics 10th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest! The contest is open to students in grades 9-12. First place winner receives $1,000.00 and a $1,000 genetics materials grant for his or her teacher.

DNA Day Pinterest Challenge for K-12 Teachers and Students

Description: As part of 2015 National DNA Day, Unlocking Life's Code is offering K-12 teachers and their science classes a chance to participate in the 2015 National DNA Day Pinterest Challenge.

Genomics and Health

Description: Links to genomics and health impact news and publications, as well as to CDC updates and news

Google Wants to Store Your Genome

Description: For $25 a year, Google will keep a copy of any genome in the cloud.

Infographic - What Are We Learning from Epigenetics?

Description: An emerging field that could transform how we look at disease causes and prevention

Internet of DNA

Description: A global network of millions of genomes could be the next great advance in medicine.

Know Your Family History - Improve Your Health

Description: A video demonstration on how to use your family health history to assess your risks and identify ways to stay healthy

Navigating GeneEd Web site

Description: A video overview of GeneEd, including its potential use in the classroom and teacher testimonials

Navigating Genetics Education Resources from the National Library of Medicine

Description: A training video on using online genetics education resources from the National Library of Medicine in the classroom

NHGRI Newsroom

Description: A listing of the National Human Genome Research Institute's latest genomic news

NIH Funds Robots to Assist People With Disabilities

Description: New research in robotics might help with stroke rehabilitation, guide wheelchairs, and assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Projects investigating co-robotics are the focus of new funding from the National Institutes of Health.

President Obama Speaks on the Precision Medicine Initiative

Description: President Barack Obama outlined a bold, new Precision Medicine Initiative. This Initiative draws on the remarkable advances in multiple areas, particularly genomics!

Researchers Detect Cancer Precursors in Blood DNA Before Disease Develops

Description: New and better genetic tests are finding gene changes that are implicated in disease, including many cancers.

Take the 'Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms' Mobile App With You

Description: Information on the release of the National Human Genome Research Institute's 'Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms' mobile app

Tweets of the Week

Description: Follow tweets written by Dr. Khoury, the director of the CDC's Office of Public Health Genomics