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Genetic Conditions

Genetic Conditions

Conditions caused by gene variations or mutations

Genetic conditions are caused in whole or in part by a change in a person’s DNA sequence. Genetic conditions can be caused by a mutation in one or multiple genes, by a combination of gene mutations and environmental factors, or by damage to chromosomes. Some genetic conditions are inherited, while others occur spontaneously.

Materials for Genetic Conditions


Genes & Your Health

Description: Basic information on how genetics plays a role in health and disease

Genetic and Rare Conditions

Description: An alphebetical list of genetic disorders

Genetic Conditions

Description: A list of genetic conditions with links to information on each

Genetic Disorders

Description: Information on genetic disorders in general and a listing of resources where further information can be found

Genetic Disorders Library

Description: Detailed information on a variety of genetic conditions

Rare Genetic Disorders - Learning About Genetic Disease Through Gene Mapping, SNPS, and Microarray Data

Description: An article on understanding genetic conditions through the findings of clinical and research genetic tests

Specific Genetic Conditions

Description: Information on a selection of genetic conditions

Studying Genes

Description: An article on genes, biomedical research, and health

You and Your Genes Making It in a Tough Environment (PDF 286.80 KB)

Description: An illustrated article on genetic and environmental risks for human disease


DNA Roulette

Description: An odds game that illustrates the probabilistic nature of genomics

Genetic Disease Webquest

Description: A game on genetic diagnosis

Interactive Tutorials

The Genetics of Resistance to HIV Infection

Description: A detailed interactive tutorial exploring mechanisms of HIV resistance

Teacher Resources

For Teachers –

Description: Lesson plans, classroom activities, and other resources for teaching DNA, protein, cancer and other topics

Knowledge is Power – Check out your gene pool

Description: Instruction for requesting a copy of a video featuring interviews with a physician, genetic counselor and families directly affected by Tay-Sachs and Canavan disease


The Structures of Life

Description: Watch how structural biology gives insight into health, disease, and drug design