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Epigenetics/Inheritance and the Environment

Epigenetics/Inheritance and the Environment

The genome’s dynamic response to the environment

Epigenetics is an emerging field of science that studies heritable changes caused by the activation and deactivation of genes without any change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism. The word epigenetics is of Greek origin and literally means over and above (epi) the genome.

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Materials for Epigenetics/Inheritance and the Environment


Epigenetic Influences and Disease

Description: An article by Danielle Simmons on how epigenetic changes are involved in human disease

Genetics and Epigenetics (PDF 119.49 KB)

Description: A printable poster introducing the concept of epigenetics


Lick Your Rats

Description: An interactive activity demonstrating how nurturing a pup can produce epigenetic change

Interactive Tutorials


Description: Information, videos, and interactive tutorials on epigenetics

Teacher Resources

NOVA scienceNOW - Epigenetics (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: A classroom activity on epigenetics


NOVA - Epigenetics

Description: A video program on epigenetics