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Top Issues In Genetics

Top Issues In Genetics

Select genetic topics of popular interest

Genetics and genomics have important health and societal implications that informed citizens and empowered consumers will need to understand. Genetic topics of popular interest, include stem cell research, the Human Genome Project, genetic testing, genealogical tracing, bioethics, bioinformatics, genetics of infectious disease, and DNA barcoding, to name a few.

Materials for Top Issues In Genetics


The Animated Genome

Description: An engaging 5 minute film about DNA and the human genome that is sure to please.


Genomics: What Potential Does Understanding Our Genetic Playbook Hold?

Description: Articles and interviews with biologists who are engaged in cutting-edge genomic science

HHMI Bulletin

Description: View issues of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's science magazine highlighting top issues in biomedical science and genetics

Issues in Genetics

Description: Information on ethical, legal and social issues raised by genomic research

Teacher Resources

Issues In Education

Description: Articles by opinion leaders on bioscience literacy in the classroom, classroom methodology, cultural considerations and more.