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The GeneEd website is scheduled to be retired on March 31, 2019. Selected GeneEd content will be transferred to Genetics Home Reference, another online resource from the National Library of Medicine.

We’re interested in feedback from regular users of GeneEd as we determine how best to make this transition. Please share your thoughts in a brief survey.

Careers in Genetics

Careers in Genetics

The study of genetics and genomics is improving our understanding of the biology of health and disease, and that of our biological world in ways that was never before possible.These advancements have wide applications to biology, health, and society. Opportunity to use training in genetics and genomics exists in a range of fields, including in medicine, academic research, law, journalism, agriculture, commercial industries, and education to name a few.   

Becoming a Scientist

Description: Here you will find detailed articles, video interviews, and information for students curious about becoming a scientist. You will learn more about the history of molecular biology and its leading scientists.

Careers in Human Genetics

Description: Find information on careers in human genetics, including fact sheets, video interviews, and a career flow chart.

Genes to Genomes - Decoding Life

Description: A blog from the Genetic Society of America featuring interviews with geneticists who have diverse career paths, tracing the many directions possible after research training.

Genetic Counseling

Description: Genetic counselors are health professionals who help people faced with the possibility of a genetic disease make informed decisions about their futures.

Genomic Careers - Find Your Future

Description: On this site you will find video interviews with genomic professionals, information on genomic careers, a tool for rating your favorite genomic careers, and an opportunity to test your knowledge of careers in this field.

Genomics - Towards a Healthier You

Description: A webcast presenting information on why genetics is important to health, plus information on genetic counseling as a career. The singer and performer T-Boz shares her personal story about living with sickle cell anemia as one example of genetic health issues.

Health Occupations

Description: MedlinePlus brings you information about medical careers in language you can understand. Explore an extensive list of jobs within the healthcare industry.

Life in the Lab

Description: A video interview with three young, very different scientists who are just launching their genome careers.

MY Career in Genomics

Description: Browse a collection of videos offering insights into different careers in the field of genomics.

Science Interviews - Genetics

Description: This Web site offers engaging science podcasts exploring the latest genetics news and breakthroughs from the DNA world. Explore interviews with a variety of scientists.

The Genome Era - What it Means to You

Description: The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, describes the genomic research adventure that is leading to new and more precise ways to diagnose, treat and prevent common and rare genetic diseases. A variety of careers in genomics is presented.

The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Description: This is a series of intimate, engaging, and funny videos about a new scientist or engineer and their secret lives.

Women in Medicine - Past and Future

Description: In this investigation, students will compare the careers of two women, a century apart, involved in medical research.