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Cloning is the process of making identical copies of an organism, cell, or DNA sequence. Molecular cloning is a process by which scientists amplify a desired DNA sequence. The target sequence is isolated, inserted into another DNA molecule (known as a vector), and introduced into a suitable host cell. Then, each time the host cell divides, it replicates the foreign DNA sequence along with its own DNA. Cloning also can refer to asexual reproduction.

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Materials for Cloning



Description: Interactive tutorials and animations on cloning

Cloning 101

Description: An animation that explains what cloning is, and describes cloning techniques that have been used in animals

Steps in Cloning a Gene

Description: An animation of gene cloning

Interactive Tutorials

Applied Genetic Modifications

Description: An interactive tutorial for learning advanced laboratory techniques to create a transgenic plant


Description: Interactive tutorials and animations on cloning

Labs & Experiments

Cloning a Living Organism

Description: A plant cutting exercise to demonstrate cloning and genetic versus environmental influences

Teacher Resources

Cloning Animals and Plants: Any Difference? (PDF 21.04 KB, Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: In this lesson plan students storyboard the history of famous animal clones, examine the differences between animal and plant cloning, experiment cloning a Coleus plant, and design a controlled plant experiment.

Extracting DNA

Description: In this lesson, students develop understanding of DNA by modeling the process of DNA extraction.

Human Cloning: Is it Biological Plagiarism? (PDF 28.17 KB, Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: In this lesson, students apply scientific principles to personal and social views on human cloning.

Teacher Guide - Cloning (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: Four captivating lesson guides on cloning methods, legislation, and history/timeline.



Description: Who hasn't heard of "Dolly the Sheep?" So, what is cloning? Joseph G. Marx, PhD, provides answers these and other questions.