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Probability theory uses mathematics to measure the likelihood of something happening.  Probability theory may be applied in many areas, including genetics.

Materials for Probability


Independent Assortment and Probability

Description: A well illustrated article explaining how to determine the likelihood that a squab (baby pigeon) will have a crest of feathers on its head.


DNA Roulette

Description: An odds game that illustrates the probabilistic nature of genomics

Interactive Tutorials

Punnett Squares

Description: An interactive Punnett square activity

Teacher Resources

Basic Probability and Chi-Squared Tests (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: An expert authored advanced in-class exercise teaching critical skills for classic genetic analysis, including probability, making predictions, and assessment.

Mendelian Genetics, Probability, Pedigree, and Chi-Square Statistics (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: A lesson that requires students to work through a series of questions pertaining to the genetics of sickle cell disease and its relationship to malaria. These questions will probe students' understanding of Mendelian genetics, probability, pedigree analysis, and chi-square statistics.

The Probabilities of Problems: A Look at Inheritance (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: Students learn how to calculate the the probabilities of passing on certain genetic disorders and then evaluate case studies involving genetic testing.


What are the Chances?

Description: A captivating video introduction to probability, using math to make predictions.