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Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research

A stem cell is a cell with the potential to form many of the different cell types found in the body. When stem cells divide, they can form more stem cells or other cells that perform specialized functions. Embryonic stem cells have the potential to form a complete individual, whereas adult stem cells can only form certain types of specialized cells. Stem cells continue to divide as long as the individual remains alive.

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Materials for Stem Cell Research


How Embryonic Stem Cell Lines are Made

Description: An animation on the making of embryonic stem cell lines

Stem Cells

Description: Interactive tutorials and animations on stem cells


Current Research on Stem Cells

Description: A list of links that provide information on completed and ongoing stem cell research studies, state initiatives, and domestic and international research programs.

Stem Cell -The Basics

Description: Detailed information on stem cells and stem cell research

Stem Cells

Description: Interactive tutorials and animations on stem cells

US Policy On Stem Cell Research

Description: Information on federal policies, NIH guidelines, and relevant litigation involving stem cell research

Interactive Tutorials

Click and Learn App

Description: Interactively explore topics in biology with the Click and Learn app. Each module features supporting videos and animations (Internet connection required). Learn about topics in evolution, neurobiology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, stem cells, RNA, obesity, cancer, and genomics.

Stem Cells

Description: Interactive tutorials and animations on stem cells

Teacher Resources

Stem Cell Research (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: Lesson plans exploring the scientific and ethical issues involved in stem cell research.

Stem Cells (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: A collection of activities to help students learn about stem cells and consider their potential in research and health.

What Can I Learn From Worms? Regeneration, Stem Cells, and Models (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: A series of high quality lesson plans exploring a variety of topics including the cell cycle and the use of model species in biomedical research. You may need to register to view the lesson plans, but the plans and registration is free.


Stem Cells

Description: Learn about the different kinds and functions of stem cells, and about the medical possibilities and controversies surrounding stem cell research.