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Human Genome Project

Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project was an international project that mapped and sequenced the entire human genome. Completed in April 2003, data from the project are freely available to researchers and others interested in genetics and human health.

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Materials for Human Genome Project


The Animated Genome

Description: An engaging 5 minute film about DNA and the human genome that is sure to please.


How Do You Find Out the Significance of a Genome After Sequencing?

Description: We have sequenced the genome, put it back together and identified the genes, but now we need to find out what this genome can tell us and how it compares to other genomes.

How Do You Identify the Genes in a Genome?

Description: After the sections of DNA sequence have been assembled into a complete genome sequence we need to identify where the genes and key features are, but how do we do this?

Human Genome Project

Description: An overview on the Human Genome Project

The New Genetics - Genes Are Us

Description: Information from a science education booklet that covers the human genome, behavioral genetics, pharmacogenetics, drug resistance, biofilms, and computer modeling

Timeline: Organisms That Have Had Their Genomes Sequenced

Description: View this timeline to learn more about our large catalog of sequenced genomes which are studied and compared in labs today.



Description: This game combines the challenge of a scavenger hunt with the human genome. It allows anyone to create up to 20 walkable paths that explore the human genome with over 150 challenging questions, a leaderboard and themed paths. GenomeCache combines clues, fun facts and trivia questions to create an engaging learning experience.

Teacher Resources

Cracking the Genetic Code (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: This lesson explores what the knowledge of DNA can tell us about ourselves and other organisms and species.

Inside/Outside the Human Genome Project (Lesson Plans/Lesson Activities)

Description: In this cooperative learning activity for grades 6-8, students combine a jigsaw learning technique with an inside/outside review game to learn about DNA, genes, chromosomes and the Human Genome Project.

The Human Genome Project

Description: Download component parts of the educational CD, The Human Genome Project


50 Years of DNA - From Double Helix to Health, A Celebration of the Genome

Description: This webcast was created as a part of the April 2003 celebration of the completion of the Human Genome Project. It includes an interview with Dr. James Watson and Dr. Francis Collins.

Cracking the Code of Life

Description: A video program that chronicles the race to decode the human genome

The Genome Era - What it Means to You

Description: The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, describes the genomic research adventure that is leading to new and more precise ways to diagnose, treat and prevent common and rare genetic diseases. A variety of careers in genomics is presented.

The Human Genome Project - Personal Stories

Description: This film features personal accounts from scientists from the USA and UK who were involved in the Human Genome Project.